Sunday, 23 November 2008

Good grief!!

3 times in the last month I have been specifically asked to wear high heels. On 2 of those occasions I was then greeted with “Oh, I didn’t realise you’d be so tall!”

Now hold on a minute. I’m 5’10” in my bare feet… Exactly how tall do people think I will be in 4” heels? Surely it doesn’t take a mathematical genius! Just in case I’m wrong, let me explain this:

I am 5’10”, if you ask me to wear 4” heels then you will be meeting a 6’2” harlot. If you want someone shorter, then I suggest you look elsewhere. There are some fabulously gorgeous and sexy petite girls out there.

If (on the other hand) you require a leggy 5’10” strumpet, then give me a call post-haste kind sir.


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Friday, 21 November 2008


Lately I’ve been spending some of my free time between appointments reading the blogs of various working girls around the UK. I never considered starting a blog before. Mainly because I always felt that Belle de Jour had been there and done that. However, blogging has become hugely popular, everyone’s doing it and who am I to refuse a chance to jump on a perfectly good bandwagon?

So here you go, this is where it starts. Whether I’ll remember to update this, how raunchy it will get and whether anyone really cares enough to read it? Well… we’ll see…