Saturday, 27 December 2008

Crimbo Madness

Well I hope you’ve been enjoying the festivities, just New year to survive now and  we can all get back to normal. 318645639_e69850924a

The story so far….

One of my cats was run over and killed on the 23rd, I had a power cut on the 24th. the toilet got blocked on the 25th (nothing to do with me I might add) and I was ill on the 26th (too much rich food).

I think for New year I shall just get plastered and fall asleep in a corner. It’s safer that way.

I have to be in Inverness on the 6th and I'm currently trying to work out whether it would be fun and exciting or just plain madness to fit in a half hour quickie with someone while I’m there. Yes, I know I don’t usually do half hour bookings, but it might be fun…

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Xmas

wall30My phone is switched off until the 26th (although I may well check my texts)

I am working from the 27th through to the 30th inclusive and then a couple of days off for New Year. After that it’s back to normal.

Merry Xmas everyone

Amanda xx

Monday, 22 December 2008

Chicken soup & sympathy please…

I’m recovering from tonsillitis. I’ve just about regained the ability to speak (much to the joy of those around me) and I’m now feeling well enough to pout, feel sorry for myself and demand sympathy from others.

I would however, just like to take this opportunity to apologise again to the lovely men I had to cancel due to illness.

I will certainly do my utmost to make it up to you when I see you next. ;)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


From now on my blog will also be published on my site. Yay!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Quote of the week

I was perusing some of the girls websites this morning (being nosey) and this made me laugh out loud.071116_waltons1970s_1p

“I am a classy, very good looking lady who does out calls only at the moment (I can't have the neighbours thinking I've got more brothers than the Waltons!)”

Damn! I wish I’d thought of that!

Anyway, if you’d like to have a look at the lovely lady in question, you’ll find her here

Friday, 12 December 2008


I had a dream last night.

herofrontI dreamed that Burlesque Honey was pole dancing for me. It would have been an incredibly erotic dream if she wasn’t wearing an inflatable Sumo wrestler suit at the time…

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Ok let me set the scene….

I was all dressed up in my finest (which included red lipstick, a short dress and stockings) and ready to go to a booking. Ok?

I decided to put some more wood on the Rayburn before I left, to keep the house warm. I collected a basket of logs and started putting them on the fire (I left the outside door open), one of the logs turned as I put it on the fire, so I couldn’t fit more in. I was kneeling on the floor, skirt hiked up and stockings showing, trying to get it to turn back and getting highly frustrated at which point I shouted at it “FUCKING FALL DOWN!!” (Yes, I know it’s not very ladylike).

As the words left my mouth I heard movement at the open door. It was a member of the local SWRI (Scottish Women’s Rural Institute) delivering my Christmas card.

I don’t expect they’ll send me a card next year…

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Good grief!!

3 times in the last month I have been specifically asked to wear high heels. On 2 of those occasions I was then greeted with “Oh, I didn’t realise you’d be so tall!”

Now hold on a minute. I’m 5’10” in my bare feet… Exactly how tall do people think I will be in 4” heels? Surely it doesn’t take a mathematical genius! Just in case I’m wrong, let me explain this:

I am 5’10”, if you ask me to wear 4” heels then you will be meeting a 6’2” harlot. If you want someone shorter, then I suggest you look elsewhere. There are some fabulously gorgeous and sexy petite girls out there.

If (on the other hand) you require a leggy 5’10” strumpet, then give me a call post-haste kind sir.


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Friday, 21 November 2008


Lately I’ve been spending some of my free time between appointments reading the blogs of various working girls around the UK. I never considered starting a blog before. Mainly because I always felt that Belle de Jour had been there and done that. However, blogging has become hugely popular, everyone’s doing it and who am I to refuse a chance to jump on a perfectly good bandwagon?

So here you go, this is where it starts. Whether I’ll remember to update this, how raunchy it will get and whether anyone really cares enough to read it? Well… we’ll see…