Saturday, 27 December 2008

Crimbo Madness

Well I hope you’ve been enjoying the festivities, just New year to survive now and  we can all get back to normal. 318645639_e69850924a

The story so far….

One of my cats was run over and killed on the 23rd, I had a power cut on the 24th. the toilet got blocked on the 25th (nothing to do with me I might add) and I was ill on the 26th (too much rich food).

I think for New year I shall just get plastered and fall asleep in a corner. It’s safer that way.

I have to be in Inverness on the 6th and I'm currently trying to work out whether it would be fun and exciting or just plain madness to fit in a half hour quickie with someone while I’m there. Yes, I know I don’t usually do half hour bookings, but it might be fun…

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