Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tucked up in Aberdeen again…

I am back in the lovely apartment in Aberdeen, I’m actually getting rather fond of this town and I have met some lovely gentlemen here.

I was taken out last night for a wonderful dinner (Thank you, you know who you are). I had the opportunity on the journey to the restaurant to see a little more of the area. I am most impressed and Aberdeen is not at all the place I imagined before I came here.

I do plan to come to Aberdeen regularly from now on, once a month if I can possibly manage it.

Note to O2….

…From a frustrated hussy:

You need another mast or another module thingummy* on a mast or something in Aberdeen city centre.

We are constantly getting error messages on our phones which say “Network busy”.



*It’s a technical term… honest.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Mobile Phone Problems Again :(

There seems to be a problem with the O2 network where we are in Aberdeen today. If we (myself and Laura Lee) try to make a call on our mobiles, we get an error message which says “Network busy” . Most calls to our phones are going straight to voicemail (which we cannot retrieve).

So keep trying chaps!! Some persistent guys have managed to get through and have been rewarded with a meeting.

Don’t give up on us :)

Our email works just fine btw…