Thursday, 29 January 2009


Nice here innit :)

I'm all tucked up in a beautiful luxury apartment with the fantabulously gorgeous Laura Lee.

We're only here today and tomorrow so if you don't call soon you'll miss your chance.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

On Tour - Aberdeen

Yay! I am off on my travels to far away and exotic places… Aberdeen. :)

Look out here I come!

I’ll be available for incalls on Thursday and Friday.

Phone or text on 07925 398160 from Wednesday afternoon onwards.


Tuesday, 13 January 2009


ReportCardThese things baffle me up to a point. I can understand the reasoning behind them, but they remind me of school reports.

I have other issues with them:

First of all, there are many sites which hold reviews for WGs. If you don’t search them all you might miss out.

New girls do not have reviews, that doesn’t mean they’re bad at their job, it just means nobody has reviewed them. I’ve been escorting (again) for just under a year now (about that anyway) and I have only one review. It’s not on any of those sites, it’s on my own site. It’s a lovely review as well. I’m very grateful for it and extremely proud of it. Of course, the fact that it is on my site does leave me open to people thinking that I wrote it myself (I didn’t). According to Punternet et al however, I do not exist. *Shrugs*

The biggest worry with reviews is that people in general are more likely to speak up about a product or service if it is bad, although checking the Punternet statistics, this doesn’t seem to be the case with most men and thank Gawd for that.

As you will have noticed, I’ve had a poll running on my site for several weeks now which asks about reviews. The poll shows that a high number of men will not visit a girl unless she has good reviews, I just hope that these same men are as fast to post reviews as they are to read them.

I do wonder sometimes how many men have written me off because michelin starsI don’t have the hooker equivalent of a Michelin rating and just how the hell I’m supposed to get said rating if the guys who would post reviews won’t see me because I don’t have any?

Catch 22 anyone?

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Right you lot!!

This is my angry face!

Not all of you, most of you are lovely.

This is to the few, the ones who think that they can haggle the price down or offer me more money to do something I don’t do.


If you don’t think I’m worth the money then I probably won’t be, not for you anyway. Find someone cheaper or someone that you like more.

If I say I don’t provide a service, it’s because I can’t do it or don’t like it. Telling me that you’ll “make it worth my while” just annoys me. It won’t get you your own way.


Ok, Rant over. Back to happy horny thoughts…

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mobile Phone Troubles

lgphI've been having trouble with my mobile phone signal. Actually that's not entirely true because to have trouble with the signal, I would need signal.... Confused yet?

Ok, I'll start again. I've had no mobile phone phonemastsignal all day today. The lovely man at O2/Tesco  assures me that it will all be sorted out tomorrow, until then I am going to have to drive 3 miles down the road every few hours to pick up my  messages.

See? The things I do for you...


Quote of the Day:
Recommend to your children virtue; that alone can make them happy, not gold.
--Ludwig van Beethoven

Well that quote should win a prize for irony. Lol

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